Referee Uniform / Equipment

MVSRA Referee Uniform

As adopted by the MVSRA Membership, the referee uniform is to be composed of the following items. Browse Suggested Retailers to put together your uniform.


USSF referee style jersey, short or long sleeves, 2018 style required. Gold is the default, optional green as back-up. Other colors are available, in short/long sleeve. If an undershirt is worn, it should be black and its length should not extend beyond the jersey sheeve.

Color Priority

1: Gold

2: Green

3: Red

4: Black

5: Royal

Black Shorts

Solid black, legs down to above the knee, pockets preferred. No stripes, patterns, or prints; non-glossy.

Black Socks

Solid black, knee high stockings topped with 3 white rings.

Black Shoes

Cleat or turf shoe perferred, no color, as close to solid black as possible.

Items to Avoid

Referees are normally not permitted to wear the following items during a game:

  • Warm-ups / sweat pants
  • Coats / jackets
  • Jewlery (except for watches)
  • Sun glasses

Optional Items

Referees may wear these items depending on weather conditions:

  • Solid black hat, cap, or beanie (no logos)
  • Black gloves
  • Black sweatband

Uniform Example