About the MVSRA

Find out more about the MVSRA, schools serviced, and a brief history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse a helpful guide of our frequently asked questions. Topics cover OSAA, NFHS, OAOA, and the MVSRA.

Referee Uniform / Equipment

This page lists the preferred styles, referee colors, and approved referee uniform. You can also see an example of the standard referee uniform and equipment.


This outlines the governing associations that the MVSRA follows. This also lists the association's governing members and describes the roles of the Executive Board.


View the MVSRA Constitution which outlines the foundation for the MVSRA.

Operating Guidelines

View the MVSRA Operating Guidelines which list guidance for referee independent contractors.

Meeting Minutes

View the most recent MVSRA Meeting Minutes and browse the archives.
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Privacy Policy

View the MVSRA Privacy Policy relating to the use of the MVSRA.NET website.